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Software Developer

St. Louis, Missouri, US Apply Later Job ID 01HBN

Monsanto’s mission is centered on finding agricultural solutions for a sustainable future.Twenty years from now, the earth’s population will need 55% more food than it can produce now. Today, Monsanto is working with farmers around the world to do something about it.As such, we approach agriculture holistically, looking across a broad range of solutions from biotechnology, breeding to advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics.

To make this possible, we build great, innovative software that accelerates the complete R&D pipeline.Example solutions include real-time streaming analytics from connected devices, mobile data collection and visualization suites, big data genomics repositories, and geospatial computing systems, just to name a few.To build great software, we need great people. 

We are currently looking for entry, intermediate and advanced-level Developers!

What you will do:

- Demonstrate passion and ownership by embracing all aspects of software development: analysis, development, testing and deployment.

- Be curious and proactive.Learn something new every day.

- Be ego-less! Ask for help, be willing to admit what you don’t know and willing to receive and give constructive feedback.

- Collaborate closely with team members and business community. 

- Think through hard problems and work with a team to make them reality.

- Take pride in software craftsmanship, diving deep into code and constantly innovating.

Why you should join us!

- Open work space promotes collaboration and pairing in a fun, casual environment

- Innovation days, hack-a-thons, networking events, and volunteer opportunities

- Challenging how things are done is not just encouraged, it is expected

- Work with other top level talent solving a wide range of complex and unique challenges that have real world impact

- Ongoing focus on growth through training (domain and technical) and knowledge sharing through communities of agile teams

- Diverse technology stacks in a forward thinking, OSS-centric environment

- We value autonomous, self-organizing teams allowing you to have a real say in what you work on, who you work with, and how you work

Our environment values your talent over a role or title.  Strength of ideas trumps position on an org chart.

Check out our "Working at Monsanto" video.

What you should be awesome at:

Consuming new technologies with relentless desire

- Customer engagement including ideation, design thinking, and seeking rapid feedback

- Modern web development (e.g., HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, Backbone)

- Developing large-scale, custom distributed software systems in Java, Scala and/or C#

- System design with SOA/REST/Microservices

- Relational database design and access (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

- Full scope test automation from unit to behavioral/functional to integration (e.g JUnit, ScalaTest, JBehave, Cucumber)

- Detailed technical problem solving and troubleshooting

Bonus points for:

Agriculture domain knowledge

- Mobile development experience

Experience working with large data sets

Experience with NoSQL stores (e.g., MongoDB, Couchbase, Neo4J)

- Experience with search/analytics tools (e.g. ElasticSearch, Solr) 

- Cloud-first development experience with automated, continuous delivery deployments

- Experience with AWS or similar distributed architecture

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