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Operations specialist

Apply Later Req ID 01V4S Date posted 12/24/2018
  • Using the right cleaning/sanitizing and upgrading methods to process a seed lot in the most efficient way.
  • Signalize deviations regarding seed quality and be pro active to find solutions to solve them.
  • Fine tuning of specialized equipment with the help of Work instructions and skill.
  • Taking samples of processed seed lots according to the WI.
  • Registration of batch characteristics of a seed lot.
  • Performing a Physical Appearance level of the seed.
  • Determination of moisture levels and Thousand Seed Weight.
  • Must be able to work accurate and efficient to clean and upgrade different high value seed species.
  • Be pro active in signalizing quality issues and solve them on the spot.
  • Must be able to interpret quality data in relation to the cleaning/upgrading method which is applicable.
  • Has to perform cleaning/upgrading/drying and sanitizing processes.
  • Having a flexible attitude towards overtime or working in shifts in peak periods.
  • Must be able to judge the right end quality of a processed seed lot.
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