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CHI - South Area Regional Operations Supervisor (Curico to Linares)

Buin, Viluco, CL Apply Later Job ID 01H5H
Be responsible for assisting the  HCCManager with all facets of field and production operations in addition to Leading on-site safety initiatives, actively participates in quality, cost and reliability initiatives, including ETS, TQM, QA, QMS and ISO 9002. This position is also responsible for leading a production fields team in designed area.
Develop and  MaintainMCAS platform
Supervision of all practices and managements about seed productions in designed area and team.
Selecting and contracting seed HAS, grower contracting and buying program, recruiting seasonal, development of a harvest plan, leading the field scouting program
Coordinate with HCC Manager  actions and objectives of productions Parameters
Taking a proactive approach to ensure that all aspects of production and work are in compliance with safety standards Monsanto (ESH). Recommend and assist in the implementation of improvements in safety programs with Growers and Team
Make sure the ISO and SAG rules and procedures and quality standards and Monsanto Policy are met.
Assist in the review of procedures to ensure that continuous improvement is a pillar of the work done.

Formal Knowledge (Degrees - Languages required to fulfill the position): Agronomist

Experience required (years/ taks/responsabilities): at least 4 year of knowledge in corn seed production

Advanced management in ISO, Office software, STW (regulatory), safety programs

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