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About Research and Development

The job of research and development at Monsanto is to continue our leadership in innovation. As part of this team, you’ll help develop cutting-edge technology that has one purpose – helping farmers around the world produce more while also conserving more. To maintain our position as a world leader in agriculture and biotechnology, Monsanto invests over $2.6 million a day into research, and this creates exceptional research and development careers. We’re creating new approaches to solve the challenges that farmers have faced for centuries. This is where your career belongs.

Recent Job Openings

  • Vegetable Breeding Intern - Woodland, California
  • Description: Position Overview: Vegetable breeding technology interns get hands-on experience in agricultural genetics and the application of genomic data to improve the practice of plant breeding and agriculture. Interns also have the opportunity to gain exposure to other related functions such as marker development, next-generation sequencing and other bioinformatics techniques, plant breeding, seed production, and high-throughput l...
    Reference Code: 00VU2
  • Breeder (Vegetables division) Woodland CA - Woodland, California
  • Description: Monsanto is seeking a highly motivated individual to become an integral member of a multidisciplinary international onion breeding team. This is a great opportunity to manage a breeding program in collaboration with a large, multidisciplinary research team to obtain successful new products. Breeders develop new parental lines and support pipeline advancement through the production of high quality Breeder Seed. After paren...
    Reference Code: 00X90
  • IT Optimization Plant Breeding Intern - Woodland, California
  • Description: Vegetable Breeding Interns get hands-on experience in plant breeding IT and are involved in the development and implementation of IT tools for plant breeding. Three month Interns also have the opportunity to gain exposure to other related functions such as the Marker Lab, Seed Production Plant, Pathology screening, etc. Responsibilities/Learning Experience: Interns are assigned to supervisors who outline general responsib...
    Reference Code: 00XAC

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