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About Information Technology

At Monsanto, we integrate information technology and scientific expertise to achieve our business success. As you can imagine, this can lead to some amazing information technology careers. Every day, we invest over $2.6 million into research and development and depend on information technology to provide the applications and systems that lead to scientific breakthroughs. In this fast-paced, dynamic environment, the work you perform will be both interesting and challenging, and you’ll have the opportunity to grow your skills while making a global impact.

Recent Job Openings

  • Information Security Intelligence Analyst - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Description: The Monsanto Information Security Office seeks an Information Security Intelligence Analyst to join its dynamic and high-performing Cyber Threat and Intelligence team. The successful candidate will have the ability to learn and utilize cutting edge technology and techniques while working in both an individual and group environment. The candidate will serve as an intelligence analyst in a growing and developing intelligenc...
    Reference Code: 012N8
  • Software Development Lead - USA
  • Description: Monsanto is passionate about using science and technology to improve agriculture. Monsanto scientists are conducting the research and development (R&D) to revolutionize plant breeding and biotechnology. The Trait and Field Solutions team works directly with the Monsanto scientists to develop software platforms that enable these research and development efforts. The accepted candidate will join the emerging field of IT...
    Reference Code: 012ML
  • Analytics Platform Architect - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Description: Every day terawatts of solar radiation fall to earth, some of which lands on crops and is converted into food and other useful economic inputs. The seeds and traits we provide to growers help maximize the benefits realized from that solar input. The Information Architecture Team’s task, as part of the IT Strategy and Architecture group, is to give some order to the terabytes of data, which is collected across all aspects ...
    Reference Code: 012IF

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