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About Information Technology

At Monsanto, we integrate information technology and scientific expertise to achieve our business success. As you can imagine, this can lead to some amazing information technology careers. Every day, we invest over $2.6 million into research and development and depend on information technology to provide the applications and systems that lead to scientific breakthroughs. In this fast-paced, dynamic environment, the work you perform will be both interesting and challenging, and you’ll have the opportunity to grow your skills while making a global impact.

Recent Job Openings

  • IT Strategy Lead Service Integration - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Description: Monsanto is recognized as one of the most innovative companies globally. Over the past decade, we successfully developed breakthrough agricultural seed and trait products to produce more and to conserve more for large and small farms globally. We are seeking a highly motivated individual to work across business and IT areas to identify and map enterprise business processes to guide and champion for the implementation of t...
    Reference Code: 00V76
  • Research Software Engineer - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Description: In R&D at Monsanto, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming the way research is performed. Advancements in device connectivity and hardware capabilities are enabling a new generation of distributed intelligent systems. Researchers at Monsanto have the vision and the expertise to produce more, conserve more and improve the lives of a rapidly growing population...
    Reference Code: 00V8R
  • Global Customer Service IT Lead - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Description: At Monsanto, the challenges we face are sometimes microscopic, sometimes global and sometimes both. However, our commitment to technology is unwavering. Monsanto IT integrates technology and scientific expertise into our efforts to revolutionize plant breeding and biotechnology. As an IT professional with Monsanto, the work you perform will be interesting and challenging, and you’ll be involved in the development of new s...
    Reference Code: 00TRB

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