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About Breeding

The job of breeding at Monsanto is to continue our leadership in innovation. As part of this team, you’ll help develop cutting-edge technology that has one purpose – helping farmers around the world produce more while also conserving more. To maintain our position as a world leader in agriculture and biotechnology, Monsanto invests over $2.6 million a day into research, and this creates exceptional breeding careers. We’re creating new approaches to solve the challenges that farmers have faced for centuries. This is where your career belongs.

Recent Job Openings

  • Global Breeding Process Improvement & Sustainability Lead - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Description: Monsanto is seeking a highly motivated individual to provide support as the Global Breeding Process Improvement & Sustainability Lead . The role will be responsible for the development and implementation of strategies to improve processes, procedures, and systems to maximize effectiveness, operational consistency, process improvement, and sustainability initiatives for the Global Breeding organization. The role will e...
    Reference Code: 0109H
  • Global Corn Breeding Pipeline Analyst - St. Louis, Missouri
  • Description: Sustainable agriculture is at the core of Monsanto. We are committed to developing the technologies that enable farmers to produce more crops while conserving more of the natural resources that are essential to their success. Monsanto scientists are conducting the research and development (R&D) to revolutionize plant breeding and biotechnology. Monsanto is seeking an exceptional software and database engineer to becom...
    Reference Code: 00YKQ
  • Line Development breeder - Olmeneta, Milan
  • Description: Monsanto is seeking a highly motivated individual with the ability to work as a member of a multidisciplinary breeding team. The primary responsibility is the identification and utilization of elite genetics from Monsanto’s global breeding program that will bring value to the southern temperate markets in the EA region; directly as lines or via further breeding. This individual will serve to interface with programs in oth...
    Reference Code: 00TS2

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