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Job Title Location
Line Development breederOlmeneta, Milan, Italy
Global Pepper Breeding LeadWoodland, California
Statistical GeneticistAnkeny, Iowa
Commercial BreederSzatymaz, Szatymaz, Hungary
Commercial BreederSorriso, MATO GROSSO, Brazil
India Row Crops Breeding Testing & Operations LeadIndia
Soybean BreederStonington, Illinois

About Breeding

The job of breeding at Monsanto is to continue our leadership in innovation. As part of this team, you’ll help develop cutting-edge technology that has one purpose – helping farmers around the world produce more while also conserving more. To maintain our position as a world leader in agriculture and biotechnology, Monsanto invests over $2.6 million a day into research, and this creates exceptional breeding careers. We’re creating new approaches to solve the challenges that farmers have faced for centuries. This is where your career belongs.

Recent Job Openings

  • Global Pepper Breeding Lead - Woodland, California
  • Description: Pepper Breeding Lead The Monsanto Vegetable Division Pepper Breeding Lead has oversight and accountability to lead our global team of breeders to develop commercial portfolios for all market segments in multiple countries, assuring alignment of breeding, R&D and overall business objectives. Key responsibilities include: Overall breeding program strategy for the crop People leadership for breeding team Program manageme...
    Reference Code: 012AC
  • Line Development breeder - Olmeneta, Milan
  • Description: Monsanto is seeking a highly motivated individual with the ability to work as a member of a multidisciplinary breeding team. The primary responsibility is the identification and utilization of elite genetics from Monsanto’s global breeding program that will bring value to the southern temperate markets in the EA region. The holder of this position will serve to interface with programs in other world areas, develop the und...
    Reference Code: 00TS2
  • Statistical Geneticist - Ankeny, Iowa
  • Description: Monsanto Global Corn Breeding group is seeking a highly talented individual to work as a member of the Genome-Wide Selection Team. The candidate will primarily focus on developing and deploying advanced machine learning algorithms that integrate genomic, environmental, and crop physiology data for complex trait prediction. A secondary focus for the role is to support discovery breeding activities. This is an excellent opp...
    Reference Code: 011VA

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